Board report for OPC and Small Companies

This was a long-standing demand to have less compliance for one person and small companies. Rule 8A introduced with effect from 31st July 2018 by the Companies (Accounts) Amendment Rules 2018. Let us discuss.

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Circular Inviting Deposit

The Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Amendment Rules, 2018 amended the Principal Rules the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014 with effect from 15th August 2018. These amendment rules indicate government acceptance of no availability of a product called deposit insurance deposits accepted by companies. This also indicates that corporate deposits are the most humble and vulnerable class of small investors. In this post, we will discuss, advertisement or circular required to be issued for inviting public deposits by the companies.

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Option for Verification of Registered Office

What kind of lease deed should I make for a new private limited company before incorporation?

This is one of the practical question, promoters and professionals facing at the time of incorporation.

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No Sense Notice!!

This is a very interesting query received recently.

One existing independent director is going to be retired at the conclusion of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the company. The company (read management) do not want to renew the tenure of independent director. The name of another independent director has already been proposed by the management in the notice of the Annual General Meeting. Now, there is a proposal to call a Board Meeting just after (or next day) the conclusion of Annual General Meeting. As per the law and the articles of the company, there is a requirement of 7 days notice or 48 hours shorter notice for calling the Board Meeting. The outgoing independent director should receive notice of the Board Meeting. Will it really serve any purpose in law?

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Ratification of auditor in 2018

One of the frequently asked questions these days is, should a company need to ratify the appointment of an auditor in the Annual General Meeting 2018. Should I explain my affirmative reply?

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Form DIR – 3 – KYC

With all executive overreach, Form DIR – 3 – KYC is present before us this early morning of pleasant rainy monsoon day. I welcome it with all my reservation about working of the ease of doing business with actual ease. Every individual who has a Director Identification Number (DIN); whether using, abusing, not using or disqualified from using; need to fill this form within 49 days time from today 14th July 2018 with an exception of individuals who received their Director Identification Number (DIN) after 31st March 2018. Let us discuss more the rule and the form.

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Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, Proprietor – the Difference

Difference between various business positions is quite confusing for the general public. Here, we will discuss, what is the difference between a chairman, a managing director, a CEO, and a proprietor?

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