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Governance is not responsibility of government of the day alone but all walk of the society. Governance and responsibilities originates from inner conscience of individuals and flow to society, organisations, armed forces, corporate and government. Human tries to oppose governance and dislike responsibilities. Hence, there is a need of rules and regulation.

In this blog, I try to write about governance and responsibilities of individual persons, corporate and states. In the process, this blog essentially become a law blog, but all posts are not directly related to law. I try to use simple day to day English while writing my posts.

I am very happy, within a short period of time my blog became prominent among legal blogs.

One response to “AishMGhrana: the Blog

  1. I need the format of MOA & AOA for Pvt. Ltd. co. (NBFC) as per co.s Act, 2013.
    Please share.
    Thank You.


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