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Propaganda against Compliance Tools

Politics is claimed to be a dirty game of propaganda in India and the public already accepted it as a reality of life. Unfortunately, Indian professionals start using similar tools against compliance regime and compliance professionals. Role of the media is also come to under strong protest recently. This is evident that Indian media do no research and do not cross verify the facts. Recently published propaganda titled “FM Nirmala Sitharaman urged to waive e-form 22A for firms” published by Deccan Chronicle on 12th June 2019 and copied by few others seems to be published without cross-checking on law and facts.

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The Registration of Charges is always one of the most used but controversial and practically ignored chapters of the Indian company law. I personally never understood the utility of such registration except for a limited public notice in an era of Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI). Recent amendment in the law governing the registration of charge makes it more complicated and less user-friendly. Let us try to understand the amended law.

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Application for removal of the name of the companies from the register of companies maintained by Company registrars has legal roots in Subsection (2) of Section 248 of the Companies Act, 2013 as discussed earlier here and now outdated. Rule 4 of the Companies (Removal of Names of Companies from the Register of Companies) Rules, 2016 deals with its procedural aspects which we discussed earlier here. Recently, the Companies (Removal of Names of Companies from the Register of Companies) Amendment Rules, 2019 amended Rule 4 significantly. We will discuss updated Rule 4 in this post.

[Law discussed in this post is as on 10th May 2019]

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Recent Amendment in the National Company Law Tribunal (Second Amendment) Rules 2019 tries to complete the structure of law governing class action suits. We have much earlier here discussed class action suits under the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder. Here, we will have an updated post discussion the law as up to date 8 May 2019.

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Return of Loans, Deposits and a “not Deposits”

This is the continuation of earlier post written here. Now, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs deployed the updated Form DPT – 3 which is nodal form to file the return of deposits and “not deposits”.

In this post, we will analyse the updated Form DPT – 3 and try to solve the mystery what where and when to report in the return.

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Form MSME – 1

In a post “Return about Payment to MSME Suppliers” earlier here, we discussed two notifications regarding the half-yearly return on the amount of payment due beyond the statutory period of 45 days and the reason of such payment delay. We had a brief discussion in the notified form in that post. We will discuss the electronic version of the Form which is required to be filed now.

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The Active Extension

Among practitioners and followers of corporate law in India, the year 2019 brought a surprise in the form of Form INC – 22A. This was claimed to be a form to identify active companies and checking inactive companies. Unlike earlier attempt aim to boost the image of the country and government, this form lost its shine within few hours of its introduction. Unlike earlier, this form had no mention in government communications of success.

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