Gahrana: Hindi Blog

This गहराना (Gahrana) is a blog of my self – expression, feelings and thoughts. I write primarily from my heart on all subjects which may come into my way. Whenever something provoke my thinking and continue to do so for a reason, I write from my mind guided by my heart. This is not emotional writing but provoked by emotions written after burning mid – night oil.

My thoughts may improve with flow of time and water of Ganges. Whenever, my heart dive deep into ocean of emotions, it may come out with poetic writing.

I blog part – time during free time saved from working hard whole days. My professional life may affect my writing and reflects sometime in my blog as legal or financial writing. Among these, I like writing on investor education and awareness.

I like to dive down into facts and fictions to enjoy ocean of information, knowledge and education. This reflects into tag line of this blog: gaharai me doob kar tairne ke liye taiyar


One response to “Gahrana: Hindi Blog

  1. hello sir इतना बढिया information देने के लिए thanks.मैनें एक blog बनाया है,इसपर पढाई,सफलता और नौकरी से जुडी जानकारियाँ दिया गया।आप से एक request है मै bloggingके बारे ज्यादा नही जानता हूँ please एक बार मेरे blog पर आइए और किसी भी प्रकार की कमी होने पर comment के माध्यम से मुझे बताएँ। thanks.I will wait for you.

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