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Development in Corporate Law of other Jurisdictions

ICSA Consultation on Practice of Minuting Meeting

ICSA – the Governance Institute in May 2016 issued a consultation paper on the practice of minuting meeting. Comments can be sent at on or before 24th June 2016. This is beneficial to discuss international thoughts and development, particularly when we India discussion our Secretarial Standards on Board Meetings and Minuting.

“Taking minutes of meetings is administrative good practice. It creates a record of what has been agreed, and by whom; and of what is to be done, by when and by whom.”[1]

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Neighbourhood: Draft Company Law of Bhutan

Bhutan proposed to replace its Companies Act of Bhutan, 2000 and new bill is under second reading in parliament. Here, we will discuss some interesting points from the Companies Bill of Bhutan 2014 which may be a great learning for our readers.

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Draft Companies Bill, 2015 of Pakistan [Pakistan Bill] was recently made available for public comments. Being global player and immediate neighbour, we in India may certainly have academic interests in this development. In this post, I will discuss 9 interesting ingredient of the stuff which has significant difference from Indian Companies Act, 2013.

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