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Home Page:

When you come to homepage of this blog you find, latest blog post there; a menu on top and other relevant information in sidebar.

First sidebar contains recent blog posts. Presently, First Sidebar displays 50 recent posts. If you have visited recently this is good feature to recent posts after your last visit here. In second sidebar, you may enjoy top ten posts in last 48 hours. This may helpful in particular season. Like in season of annual general meeting, you may find post relevant to that topic here but this is not a sure solution of an urgent need.

Starting of a post

Starting of a post

Search relevant information or post:

There are several ways to find relevant information.

Search the blog:

Here you may search through key words.  When you type “deposit” here, you may find latest post on deposit on your screen and may use next or previous button above and below the post.

  1. Categories:

If you want posts relevant to some broad categories, you may use this facility. You may find latest post under that category on your screen and may use next or previous button above and below the post.

  1. Archives:

Here you may find post month wise, you may find a post from that month on your screen and may use next or previous button above and below the post.

  1. The Companies Act 2013 Menu:

Under this menu, you may find posts related to the Companies Act, 2013 classified chapter wise. Select a chapter and find list of relevant blog posts.

Best way to Read Blog post:

When you are at a blog post page, you will find Previous and next post link. After the blog post, you will find few related blog posts [See pictures]. You may also find some posts in comment section as “Pingback” post, they are post written after the post you are reading and has some relation with this post.

There after you will find Categories and Tags which are relevant to the blog post. You may click any categories or tags here also. You may find a post under that category or Tag on your screen and may use next or previous button above and below the post.

You may also read comments and queries placed by other readers and their answer by other readers and the blogger. Many times, it serves a best supplementary read to the blog post. You may also reply to any comment or query.

Ending of a long post in multiple page format

Ending of a long post in multiple page format

Still have a Query Unresolved:

In case you want some supplementary information on a subject of a blog post, please try any method listed above in search relevant information or post.

You may also post your query in “comment and criticism section” below the most relevant blog post. The Blogger will try to reply the query or write a post very soon, if it require a long answer. You may even post a good supplement or a hard criticism with a polite and sober language here. This will be beneficial to all other readers also.

I may not reply comments of readers by e-mail. Readers may please use “Notify me of follow – comments via email” given below the comment box while writing a comment.

Connect With Blog:

There are many ways to connect with the Blog:


This facility is given in second sidebar. You may enter your complete and correct email address here. You will get a confirmation e-mail in your inbox soon. Once you confirm through the link here, you may get an update of future posts in your inbox.

  1. RSS Feed:

If you are using a feed reader this facility in second sidebar may be good for you.

  1. Social Media:

Sidebars have link or button for all measure social media platform:

  1. LinkedIn profile: You can click this button and send an “add me” request over professional networking site. You may find many update there in your timeline.
  2. Follow on Twitter: Hit “Follow” button on twitter widget and you will get all update in you twitter timeline. This may include other relevant information from the blogger. I may be most interactive here after my blog.
  3. Support @ FB: Hit “Like” button on face book widget and you will be connected with my face book page.
  4. Google +: you may find this widget easily on the blog. A simple hit will connect you over Google +. This may also helpful in your future search result related to this blog.

Sharing is Caring:

Every blog post has ‘Share this” tool after the post. Please share a good post with your friend over LinkedIn, twitter, face book, and other social media platforms. This will help your friend to access relevant information and they will know you care your friends and share your knowledge source.

Contact us:

You may contact us for:

  1.  contributing your articles, and
  2. Professional queries and assignments

Please click contact us menu. You will find all relevant information.

In case of professional query, we may charge you. Professional queries may be:

  1. Legal or Secretarial opinion for client use,
  2. A drafting of a legal or secretarial document,
  3. Vetting of a legal or secretarial document,
  4. An assignment need professional skill, and
  5. Any assignment seeking a completion of job or a desired result.


No professional query in comments (but in mail). Only academic discussion here. Comments moderated. Sometime, I reply to your mail ID.

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