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RBI’s James Bond on Demonetization, Bankruptcy Code & more…

[The book “I do What I do” has been one of the most awaited books for 2017. CS Gaurav Pingle read and reviewed this book on his blog – Thought process! We have a copy of his review here from the original post published here.]

The book “I do What I do” has been one of the most awaited books (for me, at least) for 2017. The book is not just a compilation of the prominent speeches and research papers of Dr Raghuram G Rajan but it gives an adequate background of the same. In the commentary part of the book (i.e. background), Dr Rajan explains the economic scenario, challenges faced by the Govt. / RBI at that point of time. For some of the speeches, he has given a reference to the media / social media hype that was created. In spite of the fact that the book is a compilation of Dr Rajan’s speeches, I feel that this book is a must-read for all law, commerce and finance students and professionals. He gives a rationale of the decisions taken by RBI w.r.t. Foreign Exchange inflows and outflows, fight against inflation, economic growth, currency risks, Non Performing Assets, Monetary Policies, Jan DhanYogana, competition in the banking sector, debt markets, resolving stress in the banking system, independence of Central Bank, Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Committee Report (FSLRC) & much more…

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Homecoming of Terror – House of Cards

This business is politics. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have proven it yet again in the magical political drama. The Underwoods keep you spellbound with the ultimate passion of power. The gait, the style, the fashionable couple have very well-kept the audience captured in the past and so surely this time also. Chessboard of intense playful politics once again is inside our home on our screens. The successful four seasons of the House of Cards is a testimony of how politics remain a part of our living room. With season five on run the series have maintained the political strategies as core designs of the drama.

With the recent real – life political screenplay rewritten in United States, it gets quite interesting to watch dramatic president Frank Underwood. You try to relate things happening and actions of current President, which may or may not relate. Terror is new nucleus of politics everywhere in the world and now it is homecoming of terror.

‘You’ve nothing to be afraid off’. The season 5 episode 1 begins with the strategic handling of the corruption accusations published in Washington Herald against the President. This is a valuable past to defend, the deeds he did earlier as the Vice President. Frank Underwood steals the show when he uses his power play and emphatically manipulates the debate to lead towards terrorism. He demands declaration of war against ICO and seeks support from house of congress. You cannot afford to miss, his spouts, “I will not yield”.

Frank Underwood has come to India, tune into the House Of Cards Season 5 Marathon (episodes 6 – 10) on Saturday, 10th June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!

This episode carries its main substance from the last episode of season 4, wherein Jim Miller was beheaded by ICO. The contentious whisper of Miller’s daughter, in Frank’s ears, at the funeral of her father, leaves the audience with a curious drama. Something may happen soon, it may be in next few episodes. You get little hints with a curiosity of how.

First episode successfully annex you to your television sets. The episode builds on; the Underwood couple tastes public resentment. It does not last long with their moves to gain the public confidence towards the closure of an hour long episode. The first episodes itself makes a mood for not “Homecoming of Terror” but “politics of terror”. The audience becomes an addict of power play, it has.

Claire Underwood’s public service announcement on a television filming is a deliberate move towards upcoming elections, which we may witness in future episodes. The hysterical wish of Miller’s daughter puts Claire, the first lady, in a position where the audience assumes far-reaching admiration for Claire. I keep my figure crossed. #HOConZCafe ignites social media.


Book Review: Brand Equity – An Indian Perspective by Trott and Sople

For me, Brand is recognition with added value in mind of potential consumers. Value of a brand comes from happy and satisfied users. Happy and satisfied users create brand value or brand equity. In true sense, brand equity creates a brand. Otherwise, a brand may at most be another file in trademark office.

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Book Review: Fun IP

Intellectual Property is one of the popular legal subjects in general public. General public must know basics of all laws which may affect their day to day life. Unfortunately, all big law books are loaded with deep rooted discussion about law and even punctuation marks used in the law. These heavy loaded law books are not helpful for layman. In general public law books are meant to put-down like a hot potato.

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Recently, most of union ministries issued e – books on activities and achievements in recent years. This is welcome initiative under leadership of Prime Minister Modi, if it continues for next five years of present government. Presently, these e – books highlights past performances which belongs to mostly congress tenure. The e – book issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs has no difference.

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