Book Review: Brand Equity – An Indian Perspective by Trott and Sople

For me, Brand is recognition with added value in mind of potential consumers. Value of a brand comes from happy and satisfied users. Happy and satisfied users create brand value or brand equity. In true sense, brand equity creates a brand. Otherwise, a brand may at most be another file in trademark office.

Simple day-to-day English free from all market jargons is unique selling point (USP) of this book. The Book focus on customer based brand equity. Just for passing reference, Financial based brand equity and Employees based brand equity is other aspects of brand equity. Books go extra miles to including blogs, social media and other new age methods as tool for brand awareness.

We Indians are brand loyalist but usually have no need for loyalty programs to be brand loyal. We do not want to display our brand loyalty to help our quality conscious bargaining attitude. This may be one reason of failure most loyalty programs in India.

Brand Value and Brand Audit are discussed in sufficient details.

This book preciously deals with Intellectual Property aspect of Brand Equity. Book also deals with new age Brand Building tool called Corporate Social Responsibility. Though, students of corporate law and ethics, may raise eyebrow on this aspect but it is really a practical tool of brand building. This book, however, does not considered Corporate Governance as brand equity tool, which many boards now considers.

This book claims to be designed for students of Brand Management but very useful for all brand – managers including persons managing self brands like business proprietors and practicing professionals.


Sangeeta Trott is an associate professor of Marketing in Mumbai while Vinod V. Sople is director of a business school.

Book: Brand Equity – An Indian Perspective

Authors: Sangeeta Trott and Vinod V. Sople

Publisher: PHI Learning Private Limited, Delhi

Price: Rs. 295/-

ISBN: 978-81-203-5176-9


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