Book Review: Fun IP

Intellectual Property is one of the popular legal subjects in general public. General public must know basics of all laws which may affect their day to day life. Unfortunately, all big law books are loaded with deep rooted discussion about law and even punctuation marks used in the law. These heavy loaded law books are not helpful for layman. In general public law books are meant to put-down like a hot potato.

Recently in a programme in Mumbai, I got one good book on fundamentals of Intellectual Property. This book gives an insight into various facets of Intellectual property by covering the interests of creators, businesses, government and the common man. This book deals with specific species of intellectual property individually in common English. Book contains examples from daily life of a common man, simple language and recent developments. A person without any legal background may understand all complex species of intellectually.

Anyone with confusion of patented design, copyrighted trade – name may read this book to know more. This book may in simple term explain when and what a person should opt between patent and trade secret. Book deals with patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, domain names, geographic indication, design, and traditional knowledge.

Book also explains open source movement as well as creative commons.


Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala is leading intellectual expert in India and founding Partner of Brain League IP Services, Banglore based IP Boutique firm. He is visiting faculty at National Law School of India University. He blog on intellectual property law at

Book:                    Fun IP – Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

Edition:                 First edition, 2012

Author:                Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala

Genre:                  Law, Intellectual Property

Publisher:            Asia Law House, Hyderabad

ISBN:                     978 – 93 – 81849 – 57 – 4

Price:                     Rs. 225/-


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