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Subsidiaries Layers limited

The Patron Government of ease of doing business was earlier considered not favourable for corporate governance. After “successful” demonetization, government looking for all possible measure it seems necessary even though earlier not much liked by it. The enforcement of the provision of limiting layers of subsidiaries is one such law. Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 20th September 2017 notified Proviso to clause (87) of section 2 and –.

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Placing and Filing of Financial Statements of Foreign Subsidiaries

Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 21st July 2015 came out with another clarification in form of General Circular 11 of 2015.

According to clause (a) of fourth proviso to Section 136(1), every company having a subsidiary or subsidiaries shall,—

(a) place separate audited accounts in respect of each of its subsidiary on its website, if any;

(b) provide a copy of separate audited financial statements in respect of each of its subsidiary, to any shareholder of the company who asks for it.

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