MSC – 3

Return of dormant companies 

  • eForm MSC-3 is required to be filed pursuant to Section 455 (5) of The Companies Act 2013, and Rule 7 of Companies Rules, 2014
  • A dormant company shall file a return annually in eForm No. MSC-3 along with the annual fee within thirty days from the end of each financial year.
  • Mention the principal business activities of the company.
  • Enter the number of directors on the board of the company and same shall be minimum one in case of OPC, two in case of private company and three in case of public company.
  • Enter the number of board meetings held during the year and fields shall be regenerated accordingly.
  • Enter the date on which the meeting was held, total number of directors as on the date of meeting and the number of directors present to attend the meeting.
  • Enter the number of changes in the management and accordingly the fields will be regenerated accordingly.
  • Enter date of change, names of key persons in the new management and the reasons of change.
  • Enter details for transactions like payments for maintenance of its office and records, payments made to fulfill the requirements of the Act and payment of fees to ROC.
  • Enter the details with respect to allotment of shares or securities if any done by the company like date of allotment of shares, purpose of allotment, number of shares allotted, face value per share and paid up value of such shares and the consideration received in cash or other than cash.
  • Enter the details of the annual fee to be paid along with this eForm. This fee is to be paid to retain the status of dormant.
  • Select whether any significant transaction is carried out during the year or not. If any transaction is carried out by the dormant company, then specify the details of such transaction.


  • Certified true copy of Board resolution showing authorization given for filing this declaration. (Mandatory)
  • Duly audited statement of financial position by a chartered accountant in practice. (Mandatory)



In case of Company having share capital

Nominal Share Capital Fee applicable
Less than 1,00,000 Rupees 200
1,00,000 to 4,99,999 Rupees 300
5,00,000 to 24,99,999 Rupees 400
25,00,000 to 99,99,999 Rupees 500
1,00,00,000 or more Rupees 600

In case of Company not having share capital

Rupees 200 per document

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