FC – 3

Annual accounts along with the list of all principal places of business in India established by foreign company

  • eForm FC-3 is required to be filed pursuant to Section 381 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 4, 5 and 6 of Companies (Registration of Foreign Companies) Rules, 2014
  • Every foreign company is required to prepare and file financial statements within a period of six months of the close of the financial year of the foreign company to which the financial statements relate to Delhi RoC in eForm number FC-3. It shall also prepare and file a list of places of business in India established by a foreign company as on date of the balance sheet in the same form.
  • However, the Registrar can extend the said period to not more than three months on application made in writing.
  • Enter the Foreign Company Registration Number (FCRN).
  • Enter the details of the period for which annual accounts of the company are being filed.
  • Enter the date of signing of report by the auditors on the annual accounts of the foreign company pertaining to its Indian operations.

PART A : Balance Sheet

  • Enter the details of the current financial year for which annual accounts are being filed and
  • Enter the details of the annual accounts of the foreign company like capital, reserves and surplus, secured loans, unsecured loans etc.
  • Please ensure that the amount entered in the fields in this eForm should be in Indian rupees (Rs.) only.

PART B : Statement of Profit and Loss (in relation to business carried in India)

  • Enter the details of profit and loss of the foreign company in relation to the business carried in India which may include revenue from Indian operations, other income, taxation etc.
  • Enter the details of all principal place of business in India as on the date of balance sheet.
  • Enter details like date of establishment, type of office, address and description of the business carried on at the principal place of business.


  • Copy of latest consolidated financial statement of parent company (Mandatory).
  • Copy of balance sheet and profit and loss account duly authenticated under section 381(1) (Mandatory).
  • Statement of related party transactions
  • Statement of repatriation of profits
  • Statement of transfer of funds
  • Approval letter obtained for every establishment in India by a foreign company
  • In case the document is in any other language other than English, certified translation in English language is mandatory


Rs. 6,000

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  2. Could you please help us with the procedure for filing of extension of form FC-3.


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