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Commencement of Business Suspended

Yes, you rightly read. Commencement of business suspended. One of fellow professional colleague told me with exclamation!!

Ministry of Corporate affairs few days ago announced about launch of updated versions of few forms including Form INC – 21 which is a declaration required to be filed before commencement of business or exercising borrowing powers. But suddenly stakeholders found that while updated version of all other forms is there, there was no Form INC – 21 on the portal.

A statement issued just said that due to deletion of Section 11 of the Companies Act, 2013 by relevant section of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015, which came into force on or before there is no requirement of Form INC – 21 remain. Earlier, the companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules 2015 were also notified.  The Form was removed from MCA 21 Portal on date 4th June 2015. By virtue of commencement of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015, this date legally is 29th May 2015.

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs placed here on its website a draft of the Companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules, 2015. These amendment Rules will come into force from the date of its publication in Official Gazette.

These amendment rules proposed to amend:

  1. Insert a proviso in Rule 12 of principal Rules,
  2. Omit Rule 24 of the Principal Rules,
  3. Substitute Form INC – 13 and INC – 16 with new Forms, and
  4. Omit form INC – 21.

Application for incorporation of companies:

The Amendment Rules introduce a proviso to Rule 12. After this amendment, Rule 12 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014 shall read:

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