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Very Soon, Indian Finance Minister will finalize this tax proposal keeping (possible a blind) eye on tax reforms. Indirect tax reforms, even at the central side of constitutional barriers are still at halt just because of long time of eye – wash of Goods and Service Tax reform There is no concrete information on present status and future of Direct Tax Code. We as citizen need to understand and reveal hardship of our tax system and support a simpler tax regime. Our views may help the Government.

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Irrespective of political parties in power, Government of India fails to deliver any substantial ease of doing business or living life. #EaseOfDoingBusiness #EaseOfLivingLife

There is no real delivery except creating some online filing like MCA21 and online payment of fees, taxes and duties in first fifteen years of this 21st century. Switching to online environment from paper environment is just change of mode not a relaxation for ease of doing business or ease of living life from the side of government. This is just a technical advancement without role of government. One can understand it switching from inkpot system to fountain pen or ballpoint pen, which was also resulted in substantial reduction of time. Another example may be paper based tax calculation to calculator based tax calculation.

Presently, government has also come out of another gimmick called integrated incorporation forms. Without digging deep, name just suggests; there is no ease just integration. Instead of less pain, all quantum of pain at one place one time with more possible error of treatment at once. #EaseOfDoingBusiness #EaseOfLivingLife

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