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Corona is good for corporate governance. The government, without any known intention to do so, adopted an inclusive approach for the benefit of members and shareholder of companies in India. If you are a shareholder in any company in India, this is the best time for you to attend a General Meeting of your company. Of course, you will be part of their decision-making process in all practical manner. Read More to avail best out of this opportunity and share a lot for benefit of lakhs of individual investors and improvement of corporate Governance.

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Recently, this blog received request form small promoters and investors asking information to receive information about company. Individual investors express fear about own investment in own companies.

Though, I suggest them to get professional help from local company secretary or chartered accountant, if company secretary is not available in their locality. But a simple, Do It Yourself (DIY) may help them.
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Saving Private Assets

[A new Web portal LawStreetIndia launched on Pongal this year. This piece was originally published on LawStreetIndia here on 15th January 2015. This blog wish all success to the portal]

Investor Education and Protection Fund is a permanent parking lot of all unclaimed shares and dividend under the Companies Act. Unending hunger of fund by government results its claim on everything unclaimed with help of hurriedly drafted laws. Yes, for all legal purpose, government is not going to own such money and keep it in trust but fund so transferred help to arrange mileage for government as administrator of such fund.

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