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In this blog we will discuss provisions relating to documents related to foreign company and their certification.

Office where documents to be delivered and fee for registration of documents

Any document which any foreign company is required to deliver to the Registrar shall be delivered to the Registrar having jurisdiction over New Delhi, and references to the Registrar in Chapter XXII of the Act i.e. Companies Incorporated Outside India and these rules shall be construed accordingly. [Rule 8(1) of the Companies (Registration of Foreign companies) Rules 2014]

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According to Section 381 of the Companies Act 2013 discussed earlier here, every foreign company, unless exempted, shall in every calendar –

  • make out a balance sheet and profit and loss account; and
  • deliver a copy of those documents to the Registrar.

If any of these documents is not in English Language, there shall be annexed to it a certified translation thereof in English language.

Every foreign company shall send to the Registrar along with these documents, a copy of a list of all places of business established by the company in India as on date of the Balance Sheet made out.

Rule 4 of the Companies (Registration of foreign Companies) Rules 2014 prescribes in detail.

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