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Digital Signature nowadays a most important but highly unprotected personal property of an individual just next to his figure prints and unprotected payment instruments – UPIs, credit or debit cards or cheque books. If no fraud has been committed misusing a Digital Signature in last 10 days it is because no fraudster know the true power of a Digital Signature or you have placed your digital signature certificate in a hand of a person of integrity.

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RTI Reply on Working of MCA21 Portal in 2012 – 13

I filed an application for Information of period from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013 about working of MCA21 portal. My question was:

Description of the information required:

1. Current User Capacity of MCA21 Portal,

2. Number of Month – wise Log – in on MCA21 portal from 1st April 2012 to 31st March    2013

3. Total Month – wise time – period, during 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013, when MCA21 Portal was not working due to Maintenance, Updating, Production release, upgrades, switchovers, switchback drills or other official Reasons; and details thereof,

4. Total month – wise time period, during 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013, when MCA21 Portal put notice like “Large numbers of users are logged in MCA21 portal. Kindly try after some time.”


I received this reply from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, which is also embedded here. Please read and share your views on comment section of this blog post.

Experience with electronic governance under MCA21

E-Governance is application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for delivering government services, exchange of information communication transactions, integration various stand-one systems and services between Government-to-Citizens (G2C), Government-to-Business(G2B), Government-to-Government( G2G) as well as back office processes and interactions within the entire government frame-work. [i] E-Governance is beneficial to provide a corruption free administrative service to citizens and other stakeholders. The essence of E-governance is to serve intended person easily and faster. There should be an auto-response system to support the essence of E-governance, whereby the Government realizes the efficacy of its governance. Best form of E-governance cuts down on unwanted interference of too many layers while delivering governmental services.

There are many electronic governance projects run by government of India. The target users of all these projects come from different segment of public and have different education standards. When these e-governance projects target grassroots level, its success depend not only designers and developers of such electronic governance projects but much upon cooperation and understanding of its end users. Such project always faces critical evaluation by its users and scholars.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, has initiated the MCA21 project, which enables easy and secure access to MCA services in an assisted manner for corporate entities, professionals, and general public. The MCA21 project is designed to fully automate all processes related to enforcement and compliance of the legal requirements under the Companies Act, 1956 Government within a day’s time.[ii] Majority of stake holders of this project are professionals and business houses.

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