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Association for Democratic Reforms and another vs. Union of India

and others is a very important decision not only because it came at the eve of Indian General Elections, not only because two powerful parties Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party are accused; but also because it comes on the eve of Indian transition on companies law. The decision is a result of a writ Petition and we can find original decision here. Before going to the decision, I refer relevant legal provisions here.

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Effective Provisions of Companies Act, 2013 as on 12th September 2013

On 30th August 2013 (Bhadrapada 8, 1935 Saka), Ministry of Law and Justice issued a notification regarding the Companies Act, 2013 immediately after it received assent of President of India. Only section 1 of the Act of 2013 came into effect from that day. Section 1 as usual deals with short title, Extent, commencement and application.

Earlier Act of 1956 was applicable to whole of India with some modification related to Indian State of Nagaland, but not applicable Indian state of Sikkim. Act of 2013 is applicable to whole of India including Sikkim and without any exception to any state. Sub – section 4 of Section 1 of Act of 2013 lists out some exception regarding particular classes of companies. However, Act of 2013 is not made effective to Sikkim as on 12th September 2013.

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