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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs placed here on its website a draft of the Companies (Registration of Charges) Amendment Rules, 2015. These amendment Rules will come into force from the date of its publication in Official Gazette.

These amendment rules proposed to amend Rule 3(4)(a) of the Companies (Registration of Charges) Rules, 2014. This amendment in the Rules is in alignment with the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015 relevant part of which came into effect from 29th May 2015. Purpose of these amendments in the Rules is to provide law in event of company exercise its option not to have a common seal. After this amendment the Rule 3(4) shall read as under:

A copy of every instrument evidencing any creation or modification of charge and required to be filed with the Registrar in pursuance of Section 77, 78 or 79 shall be verified as follows-

(a) where the instrument or deed relates solely to the property situated outside India, the copy shall be verified by a certificate issued either under the seal of the company under the seal, if any, of the company, or under the hand of any director or company secretary of the company or an authorised officer of the charge holder or under the hand of some person other than the company who is interested in the mortgage or charge;

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In an earlier post we have discussed Chapter VI of the Companies Act 2014, which deals with registration of charges. The Companies (Registration of Charges) Rules 2014 discusses procedural aspect.

For registration of charge as provided in subsection (1) of Section 77, Section 78 and Section 79, the particulars of the charge together with a copy of the instrument, if any, creating or modifying the charge in Form CHG – 1 (for other than Debentures) or Form CHG – 9 (for debentures), as the case may be, duly signed by the company and the charge holder and filed with the Registrar within a period of thirty days of the date of creation or modification of charge along with the fee. [Rule 3(1) of the Companies (Registration of Charges) Rules 2014]

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Indian Railway is very slow in adopting and promoting all information technological developments particularly which are for benefits to the passengers. This starts from booking of ticket form IRCTC website.

Officially, online booking platform starts booking of Tatkal ticket at 8.00 hours but it never happen before 8.05 hours and that too with several failures.

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