The World Remade

The world remade is a continuous phenomenon with the changing world. World changes itself every moment but in long-term it remade itself.

What is world is first and debatable question. My world is different from your world. Human world is different from animal world. For sure, creator’s world is different from all of us, the creatures.

I will define my world here, for the purpose of my discussions. My world is essentially a human world created by its original creator, the nature, and this world subsist within whole the world created by the nature.

Being human, this human world directly affects all of us. However, for ease of our workable mind and thinking capacity, we divided it with our prejudices. There may be nation, color, caste, creed, gender, cloths, race, language, religion, faith, thought, economics, financials, region, city, village, university, college, school, colony, company, department, family, habits and finally own ego.

Quantity, quality, Size status and development of our world directly depend upon enlighten of our mind and intelligence, understanding, knowledge, information and education. Education is the key of remaking of my world.

I want to educate every human which is still a dream to our society and leadership. We not only need schools but also open schooling, home schooling and community schooling.

We need education for working children immediately without waiting end of child labor. We need education for girls without waiting removal of veils –Ghughat, pardah and burkah. We need education for victims of violence without waiting for peace. We need educations and education.

Our education became slave of one year – one class – one class – one examination system. What we need is education, not examination nor degree. Too much focus on degrees distracts focus from education to examination. Yes, I agree there must be some standard to judge how much education one person has received. Why anyone may give any examination round the year every month and without waiting for any year-end examination. We need to make education free from hierarchy. Why not a fast learner may take an examination one or five quarter earlier from its fellow learners or why not a slow learner may take an examination one or ten quarter later. Further, a learner might not have been able to take examination for some external reason beyond control like flood, draught, war and political stupidity. Further, a learner might have learned many things in young age along with elder siblings. Furthermore, a learner might have not been able to learn just because non availability of a book or time.

Why should a learner face a social stigma associated with our school system? We all know, our school system or I must say examination system turned our schools into coaching centers nothing more.  Our schools do not serve their purpose if they offer educational degrees but not educations. Every parent at least once told their child, schools or coaching might help but you need to learn you lesson yourself. I certainly want to set up schools at every corner and same time education must be in heart of every learner.

I want my world remade; I will retain schools but switch to flexible examination system and create a customized education system for every single and different need. Yes, I will retain to formally introduce young children and willing adults with education, coaching them, nurturing them, groom them.

In my world remade a five-year old might take high school examination without any hurdle and a fifteen year young might take primary examination without any stigma. In my world remade, there will be no time duration to take an examination, no punishment to a person leaving formal education system on return, no stigma to start education at retirement age.

In my world remade, education will reach to everyone customized according to need of learner. After all, education does not come with time but with efforts.

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