Suggestion for MCA website, “Act and Rules” Section

Dear Sir,
I am regular user of portal of Ministry of Company Affairs. This is one government site which update regularly. I have a small suggestion. This is related to “Act and Rules” section. 
I find Ministry update it immediately, whenever there is any new Rules, Notification, General Circular or order issued by Ministry and send for publication of Official Gazette of India. As you aware; most of these rules, notifications and orders come into force on the date of publication in the Official Gazette and until publication in Official Gazette, copies of these rules, notifications and orders are just a piece of information, not of Law of land.
I would like to suggest you, when these rules, notification and order published in Official gazette, Ministry may please replace its pre – publication copies with copies published in Official Gazette. This will help stakeholders to know date of publication in official gazette as well as date from which these rules, notification and orders.
I understand, this may increase workload a little bit but help stakeholders a lot and improve image of Ministry also.

2 responses to “Suggestion for MCA website, “Act and Rules” Section

  1. Yes. Updating is a must. Support your suggestion. Best Wishes

    Ramachandran M

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  2. Yes, it’s a good suggestion
    gazzete copy should replace pre published notification.

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