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The World Remade

The world remade is a continuous phenomenon with the changing world. World changes itself every moment but in long-term it remade itself.

What is world is first and debatable question. My world is different from your world. Human world is different from animal world. For sure, creator’s world is different from all of us, the creatures.

I will define my world here, for the purpose of my discussions. My world is essentially a human world created by its original creator, the nature, and this world subsist within whole the world created by the nature.

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In India, Company Secretary is a ‘more legal than finance’ profession under administrative control of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The profession represents middle class of professions against Doctors, Lawyers and Public Accountants. Naturally, among its practitioners, there is a natural thrust to improve and update and not expertise in some particular fields. Same time, majority of its members represent economic middle class of society, where education is over emphasized constituent of life. Alas! Indian education system is not an education system at all but a degree distribution system, where we want to distribute degree to all and sundry without actually educating them. This is whole scenario, I want to discuss in detail here.

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