Every company shall keep a register of register of debenture – holders and Register of any other security holders in accordance with Section 88(1) of the Companies Act, 2013. Rule 4 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules 2014 discuss the particulars in the register of debenture – holders and register of any other security holders. Every company which issues or allots debentures or any other security shall maintain a separate register of debenture holders or security holders, as the case may be, for each type of debentures or other securities in Form MGT – 2.


The Register of Debenture – holders and other security – holders shall be maintained separately for each class of debentures and/or any other securities.

Name of the company:

Registered Office Address:

Class of debentures/other securities:

Nominal value per unit (in Rs.):

Total number of debentures/other securities held:

Folio Number of Member:

Personal Details:

  1. Name of debenture – holder/ other security holder (it seems, name of first joint holders shall be written here),
  2. Name of Joint holders, if any,
  3. Address or Register address (in case of body corporate)
  4. E – mail ID
  5. Permanent Account Number or Corporate Identity Number or Registration number (in case of body corporate),
  6. Unique Identification Number, (This is not made optional here, but this is optional),
  7.  Name of Father/Mother/Spouse,
  8. Occupation,
  9. Permanent Account Number,
  10. Nationality,
  11. In case of minor:
    1. Name of Guardian
    2. Date of Birth of minor

Detail of holding:

  1. Date of becoming debenture holder / other security holder,
  2. Date of receipt of nomination, if applicable,
  3. Name and Address of Nominee,
  4. Number of debentures/ securities kept in abeyance, if applicable,
  5. Record of lien on debentures /securities, if applicable,
  6. Date of cessation as debenture holders / security holders

Details of Security

  1. Whether repayment of debentures / other securities is secured:
  2. If secured, date of registration of charge with Registrar of Companies (RoC),
  3. Charge identification Number allotted for the charge,
  4. Brief particulars of the assets to secure such debentures/ other securities,


  1. Particulars of dividend Mandates, power of attorney and other instructions, if any
  2. Instruction for notices, if any

Details of debentures/ other securities:

  1. Allotment / Transfer number,
  2. Date of allotment / transfer,
  3. Number of debentures/ other securities allotted/ transferred,
  4. Distinctive numbers (both inclusive) From ___ to ____,
  5. Folio of transferor, if applicable,
  6. Name of Transferor of applicable,
  7. Date of issue or endorsement of certificate,
  8. Certificate Number,
  9. Amount in Rupees:If shares are issued for consideration other than cash, brief particulars thereof,
    1. Payable,
    2. Paid / Deemed to be paid,
    3. Due,
  10. Date of transfer/ Transmission/ Forfeiture/ Redemption etc.
  11. Number of units transferred/ transmitted/ forfeited/ redeemed etc
  12. Distinctive Numbers (both inclusive) from ___ to___,
  13. Folio of transferee
  14. Balance shares (after transfer/ transmission/ forfeiture/ redemption etc.)
  15. Other Remarks,
  16. Authentication Signature



Every register maintained under sub-section (1) of section 88 shall include an index of the names entered in the respective registers and the index shall, in respect of each folio, contain sufficient indication to enable the entries relating to that folio in the register to be readily found:

Provided that the maintenance of index is not necessary in case the number of members is less than fifty.

The company shall make the necessary entries in the index simultaneously with the entry for allotment or transfer of any security in such Register.


The entries in the registers maintained under section 88 and index included therein shall be authenticated by the company secretary of the company or by any other person authorised by the Board for the purpose, and the date of the board resolution authorising the same shall be mentioned.

The entries in the foreign register shall be authenticated by the company secretary of the company or person authorised by the Board by appending his signature to each entry.

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