The Register of shares and other securities bought back shall in Format given in
Form SH – 10. We have discussed rules related to Register of bought back securities earlier here.

The details to be included are:

  1. Date of passing of special resolution at the meeting of the members authorizing buy-back of securities
  2. Date of approval by the Board
  3. Number, price and amount of shares or other specified securities authorized to be bought back
  4. Date of opening and closing of buy-back offer
  5. Date by which buy-back was completed
  6. Description of shares or other specified securities bought back by the company:

                     I.        Folio Number/ DP Id/ client ID number or certificate number of securities bought – back

                   II.        Name of last holder of securities

                 III.        Category to which they belong

    1. Preference Shares
    2. Equity Shares
    3. Employees’ stock Option Shares
    4. Sweet equity shares

                  IV.        Date of buyback

                    V.        Number of securities bought back

                  VI.        Mode of buyback: whether Securities have been bought back from

    1. The existing securities holders on a proportionate basis
    2. The open market
    3. Odd lots of listed securities
    4. Employees’ stock Option
    5. Sweet equity
    6. Any other mode,

                VII.        Nominal value of securities

              VIII.        Price at which securities are bought back

                  IX.        Date of payment

                    X.        Amount paid for bought back securities

                  XI.        Cumulative total of securities bought back

                XII.        Date of cancellation/extinguishment  and physical destruction of securities

              XIII.        Reference to entry in Register of Members

               XIV.        Remark

  1. Other relevant details, if any.


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