What is root cause of corruption in India?

Every think – tanks in India have its own reason and solution of corruption. From Kautilya to Amartya Sen, all have discussed corruption.

For study of corruption in independent India, we have two periods;
(a) Pre – economic Reform, and
(b) Post – economic Reform era.

In Pre – reform era, we were living what is called as mixed economy. Indian economic policy tended towards protectionism, with a strong emphasis on import substitution, industrialization under state monitoring, and state intervention at the micro level in all businesses especially in labour and financial markets, a large public sector, business regulation, and central planning. The protections were given to inefficient industrial houses from competition, inefficient labour from retrenchment and government from further question. Industrialist – Politician nexus was developed against initial ideals established by Gandhi and Nehru. This was initiation of corruption in a highly ‘moral’ sociality. This became socialism of non – believers of socialism, Public – private partnership under mixed economic was partnership of corruption. Nationalism of many institutions proved futile within 10 years.

Result was very simple, ruling family left India in a balance of payment crisis. Next two prime – minister could not face the situation due to lack of vision and time. When in 1993 Sh. P V. Narsimha Rao became Prime Minister, India moved towards economic liberalisation. Even though, no political group want to give him his due credit as “Father of Indian Economic Reforms”, but it is clearly visible that after his death, there is no further economic reform. After death of Narsimha Rao, his right hand Dr. M. M. Singh have already India, more than any other post – reform Prime – minister but corruption increased manifold. This shows there is no political will for reforms.

Reason was very simple, there was half – hearted Socialism, there is half – hearted reforms. Full reform towards either side may remove corruption but no political party want full reforms.Many of reform oriented proposal are pending before various committees and forums. Any attempt towards further reform may strip politicians from power much needed for corrupt practices.

Reforms are need of hours.


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