We Indian are very concerned about Kashmir issue. Sometime, international community believes that we love Kashmir more than India. Since Indian Independence, we are in war for Kashmir. At many point of time, in Union Government there was a particular minister designated as Minister of Kashmir Affair. Kashmir is a more disputed then we believe. The Land is de – facto divided into three pieces between India, Pakistan and China. It is located well between three regional superpower of Asia. World best armed forces keep vigil there on 24 X 7 hours basis.

Once, one of my teacher said, if you want to be in armed forces, be sure get appointed in Kashmir, it will benefit you in this world as well as that world. God of all worlds will serve you. Later, he explained, if you died you will be martyr otherwise you will be richest and happiest man with all white and black money. What a dirty thought??
In a public meeting in November 2010, a former Kashmir minister shared that during his tenure; there were many applications from officers of security concerns seeking transfer/appointment to Kashmir. Please read again, to Kashmir not from Kashmir. This was peak of terrorism in Kashmir.
Why? There was intelligence report there was fixed rate for clearing of all arms and ammunitions ‘imported’ by our separatist militants. Officers on duty on borders get handsome amount for every supply for this.. Whenever government initiate any investigations there were some encounters (may be few fake) and recovery of heavy arms and ammunitions. This was not enough.
If you have visited Kashmir every year in last 25 years, you may have been found more and more bunkers on streets of Kashmir valley irrespective of situation of terrorism. Simple reason, there may be no question against and in relation to our patriotic ‘Mission Kashmir’. Every new officer posted, wants to make money and used to build bunkers every corner in Kashmir valley. There was a very handsome of ‘cut’ for him.
May you please ask yourself, how these arms and ammunitions crosses border despite of this much security? Is it total intentional failure or intelligence failure? How and why?
The result was the ‘Kargil War’.
Very huge amount from Indian tax –payer’s money allocated to J&K. what is purpose? Is there any accountability? Is that money was not enough to develop Kashmir? Is develop Kashmir and corruption free proper security is not an answer to terrorism and Pakistan.
Kashmir may not be a lost battle, but certainly it is much prolonged battle just due to our love for corruption and corrupts, even at the cost of our beloved national integrity.


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