Obama killed Osama is most discussed topic all over globe. It is a happy ending of Act – I of the high drama called as “Global War against Terrorism”. Even if, we are still living in terror, we are more happy now.

The global stage has already been prepared for next acts and parallel actions. It is highly unfortunate; centre stage is at our Indus valley with Kashmir and swat valley. Many Key actors are here in a circle; Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Arabs, and our guest of honours Americans along with Europeans. Certainly, beyond doubt, Americans are dominant player with UN and NATO as their most deadly weapons. All players have their vested interests, national ego, internal politics and international policy agenda.

Americans raided Abbottabad without any permission from authorities in Pakistan; they even not bothered to inform them. They crossed (invaded) the border. Dangerously, they used technology to put all Pakistani defence mechanism; radar, fighter planes, defence information system and other devices into sleep mode. They clearly showed they actually control all these defence system even after making gift or sale.  We now, may reasonable doubts capabilities of all defence equipments imported from Americans. We should even consider Chinese reservations against all software solutions and internet controlled by Americans. Many thinkers doubt, in worst conditions of our strategic / defence relations with Americans Internet and all these software will not work or will spy purpose of western powers. This will be actual information technology war.

In present situation, History asks us to take cautions. Obama was killed Osama at the cost of sovereignty of “North of India”, what we used to say Pakistan. Pakistan cooperated with Americans was good thing for global war against terror and did not cooperate properly was bad but this does no means Americans got right to degrade sovereignty of a nation. This may have very far reaching effect on India. Almost all foreign invaders to India came from this route and Americans are more famous as invaders globally. After a gap of about 100 – 200 years we are going again an economic powerhouse, every invaders want to control, if not want to rule directly. Further, united South Asia is also biggest market for the world producers (no doubt for arms also).

Now, we have to face several questions from ourselves:

  1. Do we endorse undermining of sovereignty of Pakistan? Will not same doctrine work against us also?
  2. Is Pakistan separate from actual South Asian soul? If yes, what is future of United South Asia? Why Chandragupt Maurya of Maghad came forward to save Sindh from Alexander?

We need sovereign, safe, democratic, developed and responsible Pakistan.


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