10 (1) The Central Government shall ensure that no person or a public servant who has made a disclosure under this Act is victimized by initiation of any proceedings or otherwise merely on the ground that such person or a public servant had made a disclosure or rendered assistance in inquiry under this Act .

Please note, any proceeding or otherwise is permitted but with more than this ground, one this other may be false.

Further, note Central Government shall ensure. The Central Government consists of corrupt politicians from all corrupt political gangs and officers.

10 (2) CA may direct, please do not victimize this chap.

11 Police protection may be provided.

13 Interim order may be there for stopping corrupt practice.

14 Heading is clear: “Penalty for furnishing incomplete or incorrect or misleading comments or explanation or report” so the penalty amount.

It shall impose a penalty which may extend to two hundred fifty rupees for each day till report is furnished, so however, the total amount of such penalty shall not exceed fifty thousand rupees.

We all know how much these penalties are. Please Compare these penalties with penalties under Companies Act, 1956. Please, keep in mind case of CWG.

Opportunity of being heard is also been given.

15 Penalty for revealing identity of complainant is imprisonment, which may extend up to ONLY three years and (thanks not OR is there) also fine up to Rs. 50,000/-

Even if Complainant killed like Saseendhran, three year imprisonment. Now, What you want to listen for penalty.

16 Punishment for false or frivolous disclosure: Maximum two year imprisonment and Rs. 30,000/- fine.

No further comment now.


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