Widespread discussion against corruption in India is still not a proper public debate due widespread acceptance to the corruption. Corruption became a deep-rooted cancer for Indian society and patient became habitual to it. Corruption in India was like a chewing gum; initially when we use it, we like it but as soon as we became habitual it lost all tastes and now it is causing harm to jaws of Indian economic elephant.

Our surrender before corruption and it followers; political leaders, government officials, professionals, industrialists and traders was most drastic moment against modern Indian history. Utter shame is all political parties are not bothered to tackle corruption but just interested in eye-washing of general public. Actually, politicians across party line, follow corruption as their basic religion and way of life. They all disturb parliamentary and legislative proceeding just to ensure; no discussion would take place about any real issue. Judiciary is also not performing well because of many reasons, like; internal corruption and failure of support mechanism.

We have world best and time tasted system of governance in India. There is no fault in system but this is a classic case of misuse of system. We cannot change the system, its stakeholder but we must properly place some mechanism to check any misuse of system. This mechanism will itself check corruption.

So what we should do…

Nothing, but we have to stood up. Say no to our own corrupt practices. Only then Anna Hazare or any movement like ‘India against corruption’ will get success. I hope, ‘India against Corruption’ is an idea whose time has been come. This is a time of revolution world over; this is a time of revolution across India. Now, if you are not with it, you are just against it, nothing else.

On 5th April, Anna Hazare is going for indefinite fast against corruption. what this very old man get in return. His age is about to complete. All benefits will be for person like us, left behind in this nation. All benefits for future generations.

We should do a little bit…

We should support ourselves in this movement ‘India Against Corruption’. We may propagate the idea of the movement, we may fast to support the cause, we may read and discuss draft “Jan Lok Pal Bill” drafted by Justice Santosh Hegde, Advocate Prashant Bhushan, and Activist Arvind Kejriwal. Simply, we must spread awareness against corruption and in favour of Jan lokpal bill. We may visit

Kindly note, Government in India or in any state, whichever the party in power or whatever the reason, is not going to pass any Lokpal Bill. They are playing with it since 1968 and want to play until next thousand years.

Stand up Indian, this is nation’s call..


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