My short observations are here:

5 (1) No re-opening of issue.

No consideration for further evidences.

No consideration for new grounds.

5 (2) No inquiry where TOOTHLESS inquiry:

a. under Public Servants Inquiries Act, 1850 OR
b. Commission of Inquiry Act, 1952 has been ORDERED.

No such actual inquiry is required, only such order may protect corrupt against inquiry under this Law.

5 (3) Limitation year 5 years from the date of ACTION complaint against.

5 (4) No inquiry against any bonafide action or bonafide discretion.

I could not understand why one Bonafide is in italics. Further, who will define bona – fide. We may depend up on interpretations of bona – fide.

It will protect bona – fide actions like 2G, bofors, Land Allocations, Kushabhai Thakre Trust, Adarsh and many more.

6 Competent Authority will have power of CIVIL COURT,

It would be like Criminal complaint to Civil Court.

7 This deals certain matters exempt from disclosure; which include “if such question or document or information is likely to prejudicially affect decency or morality”.

Good. Any disclosure from any documents of public authority may be against public morality. I thought, in government files, there is no indecent thing.

9 Assistance from Delhi special police establishment permitted.

Means CBI assistance permitted but CBI will not report to it, but political masters (currently UPA – NDA – 3rd Combine)


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