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In an earlier post here, we discussed warrant in corporate law and Securities law. In another post here we discussed, we discussed issues related to Share warrant and bottle neck making it impossible to issue share warrant as we know in corporate law. In this post we will discuss warrant as in securities law.

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In last post, we discussed meaning of warrant in with particular reference to share warrant. There are two questions pertinent to issue of share warrant:

  1. May Share Warrants be issued under the Companies Act, 2013 as fresh securities without pre – existence of underlying shares? or
  2. May share warrants be issued under the Companies Act, 2013 as conversion of underlying shares already existence?

In this post, we will discuss these questions.

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In simple dictionary meaning warrant is to make particular activity necessary. In criminal law, warrant is term clearly defined term meaning a legal document permitting an action by authority and making its compliance necessary to the person named therein. In corporate and financial word, warrant is an instrument with different meaning at different financial and legal jurisdiction. In this post, we will discuss these meaning of warrant with reference to Share Warrant.

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