When was world first corporate governance scandal witnessed?

Recently, I received a very good info-graphic on the evolution of corporate governance. This info – graphic cover many remarkable events in the process. I had put a link to the web – site of presenter of this info – graphic to give due credit to them.

Please share your views and comments on this info – graphic.

The Evolution of Corporate Governance, source  www.eSharePortal.com

The Evolution of Corporate Governance, source http://www.eSharePortal.com

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  1. Kindly note error to note under 1933 Securities Act of 1933. Reference to uk case law to be rephrased.

    I note no mention of the King Report from South Africa which had an influence internationally?


    • I received following clarification from original creator of this info-graphic:

      “Dear Aishwarya
      Apologies for my late reply
      I’ve taken to comments on board – we will take a look at the 1933 Securities Act and make any changes. My apologies for the error.
      Regarding the Kings Report we do note this has had an international impact, although perhaps not to the extent of major US and UK legislation that emerged at the same time – the Companies Act, The Code and Dodd-Frank. Considering this, in addition to restricted space and a US/UK-centric readership, I’m afraid it ended up being removed.”


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