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(UPDATE: on 30th August 2013: Companies Bill 2012 became the Companies Act, 2013 (Act 18 of 2013).

Corporate Governance is a fundamental structure of all recent companies’ laws globally. True and fair Audits are core concern for corporate world and its regulators. While I was writing my earlier blog post “Footsteps of Corporate Governance in Companies Bill 2012 Companies Act, 2013”, I noticed that the Companies Bill, 2012 Act, 2013 has special concern for quality of audits. In my post “National Financial Reporting Authority” you may feel the depth of concern of our law makers about audits, which have already been forced accounting and auditing regulator, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for introspection.

In this series of my blog post related to Companies Bill, 2012 Act, 2013; I am writing about provision relating to auditors. The manner of appointment of auditors may affect independence of audit. The bill Act addresses this issue very well.

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