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Role of the review committee

The Commission recommends that the non-executive members of the board of a regulator form a special committee called the review committee. This committee will discharge the following functions:

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Appointment conditions for board members

1. Duration of employment: All members of a board (including the chairperson) would have a fixed term of five years, subject to a retirement age for executive members. The age of retirement for executive members must be equivalent to the age of retirement for the equivalent senior-most Government positions.

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Governance responsibilities are key element of any deliberation since last twenty years. Form United Nations to our families all has valid concerns about good governance and responsible behaviour. Corporate governance is just a reflection of this ongoing improvement process of governance of human society.

Present report of Financial Sector Legislative Reform Commission headed by Justice B N Srikrishna is just another but very powerful far – reaching discussion on corporate governance. The report in its first part “analysis and recommendations” very extensively discussed issues related to governance. In second part of report, draft code comprehensively proposed a law with an eye on good governance of proposed regulators.

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Drafting of Future Laws

By the time this write – up reach to your hand, you may have read Report of Financial Sector Legislative Reform Commission and draft Indian Financial Code. Now, there is a high focus on this proposed law and deliberations are in plenty.

I call your attention to Chapter 2.3 of the report! This is titled “Approach to Drafting” – a very good read for all student of drafting, which we are.

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