Foreign Exchange Management



  1. Foreign Investment in India by Non-Residents and Entities,
  2. Foreign Investment Promotion Boards Matters,
  3. Branch offices outside India of Indian Entities
  4. Branch offices Inside India by Foreign Entities,
  5. Direct Investment in Joint Ventures and Wholly owned Subsidiary abroad by Persons Resident in India,
  6. Incorporation of Company and other Business Organization outside India by person Resident in India,
  7. Certifications under FEMA,
  8. Preparation of Joint Venture Agreement, Technology Transfer Agreements,
  9. External Commercial Borrowings and Trade Credits,
  10. Indian Investment outside India by Indian Individuals and entities,
  11. Acquisition and transfer of Immovable property by Non Residents and Foreign Persons in India,
  12. Reports, Returns and forms to RBI,
  13. Representations before Enforcement Directorate,
  14. Compounding of various contraventions under FEMA,
  15. Receipt of Foreign Contribution under FCRA in India,
  16. Remittance facilities for NRIs, PIOs, Foreign Nationals.




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