Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19

Companies Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19 Form is a simple web form. It can be filed from anywhere. There is no requirement of DSC and does not involve payment of any fee.

The purpose is to make companies and partnerships aware of unprecedented time and to ensure their better contribution to fighting this virus.

Location of the Form

  • > MCA Services > Company Services > COVID – 19


  • Web-based Form
  • Login required
  • No Digital Signature
  • No Payment
  • One current authorised signatory
  • Mobile number of such authorized person for OTP (One Time Password)
  • No SRN will Generate
  • Ministry will send an email confirmation of form filed

Due date

Due date is 23rd March 2020. Earlier all companies required to file such forms on that date. However, now this form may be filed till 30th March 2020.

There is no penalty or late filing fee. There will be no actual benefit of filing the form thereafter. However, a company may file this form even after that date until MCA remove this form from its website. This is a matter of responsible corporate behaviour and responsibility.

Authorised Person

Any of directors or Company Secretary in Employment may be an Authorised Person. Such a person should have a general or specific authorisation to file MCA forms by way of resolution.

In absence of any such resolution, by default, all directors are severally authorized to file such forms. Practising Professional, whose logging is being used, may not be an authorized person for this person.

Ensure that such authorized signatory is currently associated with the company/LLP.

In case a Director is Authorised Signatory and DIN is entered, mobile number available in the database shall be Pre-filled. This mobile number shall be the same as filled in Form DIR-3-KYC shall be used by MCA.

Acknowledgement by MCA

There will not be any challan issued for or on submission of this Form. Ministry of Corporate Affairs shall send mail acknowledging the filing of the form. The Acknowledgement shall be emailed to the following person:

  • Email ID of the respective Company/Foreign Company/ LLP or Foreign LLP
  • Email ID of the Authorized Signatory who is providing the affirmation
  • Email ID of the FO user who is submitting the affirmation

Filing Steps

  • Login as usual;
  • Enter valid CIN/ FCRN/ LLPIN/ FLLPIN;
  • Click on Pre-fill;
  • The system will Pre-fill the name of the Indian company or a Foreign company or LLP or Foreign LLP
  • Select whether Company/LLP is in compliance of COVID-19 Guidelines including work from home policy (Please comply with the Guideline and select YES.)
  • Select whether the Authorized Signatory of the Company/LLP who is providing the affirmation has a valid DIN/ PAN or Membership Number;
  • Enter valid DIN in case of Director/ PAN in case of other Key Managerial Personnel/ Membership Number in case of Company Secretary in full-time employment;
  • Click on Pre-fill;
  • Please note, Mobile number of Director given at the time of
  • In other cases or where a mobile number is not Pre-filled, the field shall be editable and mobile number can be entered by the user;
  • Click on ‘Send OTP’ button. OTP shall be sent to the mobile number entered;
  • Enter OTP received on the mobile number and click on ‘Verify OTP’ button;
  • Once OTP is verified, success message shall be displayed; and finally
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button to submit the form.

Filing issues

One Form till completion for each company at a time. If a form is closed before filing OPT, on the next opening of the Form, new OTP will be required.


  • The Company should comply with the COVID- 19 Guidelines.
  • Authorised Person, as well as Front User (Login ID provide), should have such confirmation.
  • Better a copy of such guidelines should be get signed by anyone of the directors or Managing Director of the Company and be put on record.
  • Such Confirmation should be taken on recorded in the Next Board Meeting of the Company.

COVID–19 Guideline

Please follow all orders and Guidelines issued by the Government of India and Government of States applicable to the company and its respective offices.

Aishwarya Mohan Gahrana

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2 responses to “Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19



    When the Central and State Governments invoked various laws to tackle the Corno Virus, why this affirmation from Companies except to make us wanted noise in the Corporate World ??

    I feel it is just crazy.

    Be safe and take health preventive measures you too.

    With regards.



    Read as un instead of us – sorry for typing


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