Filing Web Form IEPF-5

We earlier here discussed law related to refund and reclaim of amount and shares from the Investor Education and Protection Fund under the amended Rules. For this purpose, the Government launched New Form IEPF-5 in its web version on 20th September 2019. In this post, we will discuss the practical aspect of filing this form.

The Application Page

Usually, an investor visit website of IEPF and then click tab heading Form. Here, the investor may find an instruction kit for filing the Form IEPF-5. The link of the form directs the investor to the login page of MCA Front Office Portal.

To fill the form an Investor should register himself as a registered user here. I will insist on own registration by the Investor or take the help of a qualified company secretary for the purpose. Once the investor registered itself, he may log in into the system from the MCA Front Office Portal.

After login, the portal will take you to MY WORKSPACE tab. Ignore it. The investor should hold cursor at MCA SERVICES.

Investor Services - MCA Portal

Look For Investor Services at the bottom right here


Now, the investor may click on the link IEFP-5. Form IEPF-5 will be displayed on your desktop.

Personal Details of Claimant

Enter your name, father name, date of birth, and PAN. After this, you should click on VERIFY PAN. Unless your PAN got verified, there is no point to go ahead. The PAN verification may not be successful if your name in income tax back-office data and PAN front display is different. In such a case, you may check your name in your income tax return.

The address of the applicant should be as per her address proof: Aadhar or Passport/OCI/PIO Card No. (in case of NRI/foreigners).

After this, the investor shall file the detail of the company in respect of which it is filing the claim. The investor may directly fill the CIN (Corporate Identification Number) or use the search facility selecting the correct CIN. Please note only latest CIN of the company will be displayed by the portal. It will prefill the Name, Address, email address of the company.

Now, It will ask a question: Is it a case covered under rule 7 (8) & 7(9) of IEPF Rules, 2016?

Unless the applicant is filing an application as legal heir of someone, she will file details of original security holder, her relationship and number of all legal heirs. Maximum of 10 and Minimum of 1 beneficiary can be added. The form will ask the name of all beneficiaries to be entered.

Details of Claims

Now, the form will ask whether you are filing the form only for the amount or for the both – shares and amounts.

Claim of shares

While claiming shares, the applicant can enter details of up to 15 folios for one company. It asks for the type of holding whether physical or demat (original holding), Folio number/Demat Account number, Type of shares (Equity or Preference) and the number of shares.

claim of amount

While claiming amounts, One person can file up to a total of 15 number of claims. This is irrespective of the folio under which you are claiming.

These claim of the amount may be for (a) Unpaid Dividend, (b) Application Money due for refund, (c) Matured Deposits, (d) Matured Debentures and (e) others. In the case of Application Money due for refund, Matured Deposits, and Matured Debentures, both principal and interest may be claimed.

The reason for non-receipt or non-encashment may be:

-Change in Address

-Death of original investor

-Loss of Original Documents


Bank Details

Thereafter the applicant shall file her bank account details in which the amount of claim may be refunded by the IEPF. It requires bank account number, Bank Name, IFSC Code and bank branch.

Demat Details

The applicant shall file detail of her demat account.

Mandatory Online Attachments

Please attach the following mandatory documents:

A. Aadhaar Card of the claimant and if joint holders are there, copy of Aadhar card of all joint holders;

B. Passport, OCI and PIO card in case of foreigners and NRI;

C. Client Master List of De-mat A/c of the claimant;

D. Proof of entitlement (Bonds/Debentures/Fixed Deposit receipts/Certificate of share/Interest warrant/Dividend warrant, Application No./Statement of transaction etc.).

Physical submission of Documents

The Applicant shall send the following attachments to the Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the company at its The registered office in an envelope marked “claim for a refund from IEPF Authority” for initiating the verification for the claim:
1. Print out of duly filled claim form with claimant signature and if joint holders are involved than the Form should be signed by all the joint holders along with annexures submitted with the form.
2. Copy of acknowledgement generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF 5.
3. Copy of Indemnity Bond (original) auto-generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF 5 with claimant signature and proof of payment of applicable stamp duty (Refer Help Kit for Stamp Duty Details).
4. Advance Stamped receipt auto-generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF 5 with claimant signature and two witnesses (After Pasting Revenue Stamp).
5. In case of a refund of matured deposit or debenture or bond or where shares (in physical form) are claimed, original certificate/shares thereto.
6. Original Cancelled Cheque leaf
7. In case any Joint holder is deceased, Copy of Death certificate to be attached.
8. Other optional documents, (if any).

OPT Verification

The Applicant shall enter her mobile number and email address. OPT shall be received for verification purpose. on verification, the application may be submitted.

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7 responses to “Filing Web Form IEPF-5

  1. In case of indian resident what to attach in point 2.
    Point 2 attachment meant for foreigners. It’s mandatory then what an indian resident attach here. Without any attachments it’s unable to proceed.


    • Thank you for bringing it to my notice. I have contact IEPFA and they are correcting it.

      Either wait else just upload a letter here that it is not applicable to you being resident or upload any identity documents Aadahr or PAN against (as uploaded in the attachment (a).


  2. Iepf5 has been returned along with share certificates from nodal officer MRPL citing reason to resubmit the claim to IEPFA as the previous SRN has already responded. But sorry to say that said SRN is not enabled in resubmission. Also fresh submission of iepf 5 not possible as it says you folio has already approved/ responded by your Adhar no in same financial year. I am now unable either resubmit or fresh file iepf5. SRN R10730315.
    Please help.


  3. sir
    can claim details for 15 lines automated or all details be keyed?


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