AishMGhrana – Law Governance Responsibility 2017

The blog “AishMGhrana – Law Governance Responsibility” regularly put here its annual reports for public information. Our readers are our assets. We are thankful to every reader for the long association since March 2011.

Our readers can enhance their knowledge anywhere anytime on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. We assure our readers that this blog has secured https protocol and completely mobile friendly. The blog is a participant of Accelerated mobile Pages (AMP) program of Google to ensure less mobile data consumption while loading.

The blog was adjudged as one of the best blogs in India by in category “law” in 2013 and continue hold this position. Indian Blog critics listed this blog among best blogs on Corporate Affairs for years 2013 – 14, 2014 – 15, 2016 and 2017. The Feedspot lists this blog among “Top 100 Legal Blogs worldwide Every Lawyer and Law Student Must Follow”. This blog is among top 50 blogs on this list of the Feedspot.

The blog got about 5.02 lakh page views by 3.32 lakhs unique visitors this year against 3.6 lakh page views by 2.4 lakhs unique visitors last year. This year we achieved magic figure of 50,000 views a month twice. During the year, the blog posted 58 posts. The blog now hosts total 628 blog posts and completed 17 lakh page-views and 10.9 lakh visitors.

Most of our readers are resident of India and others are from 198 (against 168 last year) territories worldwide. Other than India; United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Pakistan, European Union,  South Africa, Kenya was important territories with more than 1,000 yearly views in the year 2017.

Most of our readers landed here on the blog from Search engines. Few others were referred by Social Media and friends. This year views using mobile phone increased sharply to about 4,000 from 1700 last years.

Now 845 committed readers (against 692 last year) subscribed the blog to their email to get instant updates. You may also join mail subscription. 144 fellow blogger – readers (against 109 last year) read the blog on WordPress reader. The blog has 5,493 amazing fans and committed readers. The blog time to time received many testimonials sent by readers. Though these figures speak themselves, we request our readers to use like and share buttons liberally.

On-demand, Index of Companies Law Posts as updated on 31st December 2017 is uploaded here: Index of Company Law Posts 2017

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