Announcement: ICSI – CCGRT Research Circle Brain Storming on Indian Company Law

[This announcement is posted on request of ICSI – CCGRT. This is researched based program and I was mentor of one of the group in its original version. – Aishwarya Mohan Gahrana]

The Trajectory

In its endeavor to provide impetus to research activities and taking it to the zenith, CCGRT is organizing the aforesaid program to explore into various Sections and Critical Aspects of Companies Act, 2013 and to emerge with a literature that will be incredible and an exemplar in Indian Corporate Law.

The First Move-Research Circle Formation & Gearing up

The pre-lunch session of the first day of the workshop will focus upon the idea behind formation of the Research Circle and its role as a catalytic agent in conducting research on Companies Act, 2013.

Panel Speakers and Organisers will explain expansively the importance of the workshop, the proposed outcome, its relevance for the Company Secretaries in practice and employment & Ignited Minds, i.e. our students pursuing Company Secretary course and the fruits it bear for CS fraternity.

The session will also throw light on the procedure or process to be embraced by the participants during the voyage of this workshop.

The Second Move: Inter Research Circle Hoop

Once the participants will be conversant with the theory behind formation of the Research Group, its goals and process to be adhered as a participant, the next move goes by the adage, “Two Heads are Better than One”. Yes, we are talking about brainstorming, as in today’s dynamic Legal, Business & Economic environment, decision taken by one expert may prove detrimental to the interest of the organization and stakeholders. So, in view of the immense value brainstorming holds, this session will unite various groups (after formation of groups during the workshop), who will engage into a detailed discussion on the assigned Chapters/Sections of the Companies Act, 2013. As various people have different perceptions and it consumes paramount time to reach the point of reconciliation. Keeping this in view, substantial time will be allocated for the mentioned session, so that all participants with the combination of 3Ds, ‘Dedication, Determination & Discipline’ give their optimum output.  This session aims to throw light on significant issues of Companies Act, 2013, to name a few- Woman Director; Independent Director; One Person Company; E-Voting; Corporate Social Responsibility; Financial Statement, Board’s report, Secretarial Audit, Secretarial Standards, etc.  Participants need to present the debatable issues, controversial issues and also unsolved mysteries of the sections and the chapters allocated to them.

The Third Move: Intra Research Hoop

After participants discussed their viewpoints among their group members, the next stage involves holding in-depth discussion with other group members. This will assist in forming better views or in formulating refined and unsullied conclusions on various Chapters/Sections of the Companies Act, 2013.

Since this session is a metamorphosis from a ‘River to an Ocean’, since all group members share their thoughts/opinions, it demands ample time and so not few hours rather full-day is allocated for the mentioned session.

This will be in the presence of Panelist.

The Fourth Move: Validation

The workshop culminates with Validation process, where the inputs provided by the participants will be validated. As it is a crucial step and in absence of it no academic and research endeavor can be concluded, in view of this, half-day have been allocated for the mentioned session.

Date, Time and Venue

Day & Date:  Time: Friday 25th of March to Sunday 27th of March, 2016

Venue: ICSI-CCGRT Auditorium, Plot No. 101, Sector 15, Institutional Area, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400 614 (ICSI- CCGRT, Navi Mumbai). Tel No.022-41021501/15.

Only on Residential Basis

ONLY 50 Seats

Rs. 7,500/- Per participant (Inclusive of Service Tax@14.5%) for participants registering on or before 15th of March, 2016 (Early Bird Discount)

Rs. 8,000/- Per participant (Inclusive of Service Tax @ 14.5%) for participants registering after 15th of March, 2016.

Above cost is for Residential charges (on twin sharing basis), Conference kit, Breakfast (3) , Lunch (3) , Dinner (2), Evening snacks (3) & tea /coffee.

For Registration

Fees may  be  paid  through  Pay U link(link available on CCGRT website-Pay U Money Link / local / Par cheque payable at Mumbai in favour of “ICSI-CCGRT A/c” and sent to: Dr. Rajesh Agarwal, Director, ICSI-Centre for Corporate Governance, Research & Training (ICSI-CCGRT), Plot No. 101, Sector-15, Institutional Area, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai- 400 614

Call 022-41021515 / 04, Fax: 022-27574384; email:


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