ICSI Trainer Registration

Since student life, if that was life at all, ICSI do wonder in our life. Now, it does more wonder when you try to help students. “ICSI is tech – savvy organisation with great e-governance model by providing online services” once, I was informed.

Here, I will narrate my experience with funny tone with intention of improvement. I am going public to fetch more feedback and suggestions.

I was going to registration of my firm for providing training to student. When I access “on-line service” tab and clicked for “company registration” i got this window:

Trainee 1

For filing a form, we all know all mandatory fields are mandatory not otherwise. Here, only a non – mandatory field is mandatory. Trainer has to select an option from drop down menu in non – mandatory field “Company/PCS/other entity type” and when “Practising Company Secretary” selected browser refresh itself and you witness drastic change in this online form:

Trainee 2

In this second form one cannot fill most of the mandatory field. When I try to play with these fields, I find filling non – mandatory filed “CoP number” makes this form refresh again and CoP number transform in HR details. I tried my luck hard and find this:

Trainee 3

When I filled non – mandatory filed “membership number”, browser refresh again and all mandatory field was auto filled. Now, I realised, form was so simple. Trainers need to be trained and this form filling exercise was part of that training.

My suggestions:

There should not be any need for such registration for practising company secretaries and their firms. Application for CoP should be consider as sufficient for this purpose also.

In case such formality is required still, make this form simple. As Form work on pre-fill or auto – fill concept, filed for “Membership number/CoP number/CIN” Should be on top of the form and only most required fields should be there.


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