Professional life is tightrope balance of professional commitments, personal relations and oneself. This is tougher for professional executives. They have near impossible commitments, near broken relations and almost lost themselves. This is all about developed professional skills, time management, stress management and skilled use of latest technology. Technological development is most enabling factors in a professional life.

A professional start its day with an eye on latest development affecting it domain of expertise and another on professional commitments for the day. Your professional advises require retouch over a cup of morning tea. A lot of travelling, meetings, seminars and ongoing education are also key features of a professional life. The process never ends, help come rarely.

Professional life earlier was all about pen, pencil, books, files and personal memory. Professional life now is all about keypad, files, and memory but it is also a quest for a right gadget to attach. This may be a desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.

Professionals need something handy, touchy and tippy. Professionals need lot to read, lot to write, lot to listen, lot to present, to connect, lot to play, lot to pleasure and lot to ease.

New gadgets when come in budget, gives great help. Latest buzz is ASUS Transformer Book T100. This seems a laptop which becomes a tablet whenever you want. You can use it as laptop in office, meeting and travelling. You can use it a as tablet in conference, coffee shop and couch.

[The post is written for Indiblogger “Time to contest” Contest sponsored by ASUS.]


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