Is not “Winning” always after a fight? What really matter is which fight we choose to win. We cannot win every fight come to us during our journey of life… during our journey of livelihood… during our journey of nirvana.

To be a winner, we have to select the journey… the fight… and the winning itself.

Since childhood, we have many little fights to win. We have to choose ourselves among variety of rat races to horse races. We have to choose among hundred meters super fast to long full marathon. We have to choose among shortcuts and long miles. We have to choose among concrete highway with certain destination to unknown unmarked path to uncertain surprising future. We have to choose among depths of seven oceans and heights of seven skies.

Wining has no path which could be to search on map. We have to create our path, our map, our idea, our guess. We have to calculate our own path… our own risk… our own turn… our own comeback… and certainly our own winning.

Winning is our deal with  our future. Winning is a calculated dream to translate into my reality… winning is a changing calculation on unknown derivatives with some unclear and assumed figures. Oh! Winning is not a calculation. Winning is not a scientific formula… winning is an art neither… winning lies in between in depth of our heart.

We never win heart of other. We never win a winning set by our parents… peers… and peoples… Whenever we try to win a winning for others we lost our’s. You lost your dream, your fight, your winning and your future.

Our true winning comes from our heart and comes to our heart. We always feel our winning since beginning. We can sense it… we can smell it… we can hear it… we can see it… we can touch it. When we sense, it certainly comes to us, to our heart, to our soul. Our winning eventually merges with our personality, our psyche, our paradise.

Winning is not winning a personality of another, a property of another, a heart of another or a mind of another. Winning is winning our own personality… our owning property… our own heart… our own mind…

We cannot celebrate our winning in isolation. We cannot see a dream of isolation. We just fight alone and win alone, we never celebrate alone. Our have to share our dream when it comes true. We have to perform our dream in an open theater of our life. We have to sing our dream in ears of humanity. We have to paint our dream in the eyes of our friends, followers and fans.

We have to celebrate our dream in the open blowing sky and in the deep waving ocean; when our dream became our winning.

Oh!! We celebrate our winning in our deep inside in isolation. We smile when we win our small winning. We share it with ourselves.


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