Ring The Bell – stop violence against women

“Rape” do not ring a bell in our mind, horrify us, or create disgust in our mind.

In our society, a victim is considered responsible for crime, if it is a woman. Be it eve teasing or rape.

We claim, utmost respect to ladies but only if she is “bhartiya nari” (Indian Lady) of our thinking. Oh! We claim, if she is “sati” (chaste) she could not have been raped. We claim, without her co-operation she could not be raped.

We claim no clap with single hand. But we fail, when single hand slap.

We have dress codes, character code, restricted coaches, restricted education institutions and so many advisories. Our women are over protected but frequently victimized.

When will we start re – claiming, no one could be killed if he has “purusharth (Efforts)”. Ever we know a man assaulted unless he fail to defend himself, is he not co – operating by his failure.

When will we talk about ‘brahmcharya” (celibacy)? The word used in same ancient texts which talk about “sati”, “purusharth”.

Brahmcharya is not abstaining from relationship but to have relationship responsibly and like a real man not like a beast roaming freely on roads.

Why are not our boys and men taught to be brahmchari? Why not there is duty to respect dignity? Why not men restrain themselves to do such acts?

Why no question on men? Why no responsibility on men? Why no education to men? Why no advise to men? Why no talk about a man of character?

Why women should be fair – sex and men a rough – sex?

Why we need to “Ring the bell”?


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