Memories of 40th National Convention of Company Secretaries

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India organized its annual ritual called national convention on October 4, 5 & 6, 2012 at Aamby Valley, District Pune, Maharashtra on theme “Vision 2020: Transform, Conform and Perform”.  This was my second national convention. I am very happy to note that my article “Keep Conscience Awaken: Blow Whistle” was published in the souvenir of the convention. My enthusiasm could be reflected from my delegate number 203 out of 1200 registered delegates while I already have more than 40 credit hours of continuing professional education program.

I reached Dadar railway station at early morning 5 am on 4th October 2012. Unfortunately, Station Manager of Dadar Station denied me permission to use waiting room claiming that any passenger coming on western railway could not use a waiting room managed by central railway. But fortunately, volunteers of our institute were there as gate no. 3 of swami narayan temple outside station and they give all of us very homely treatment. I boarded on very first bus provided by our institute to Aamby valley accompanied by two volunteers. Oh! This was a very exciting journey. There was a very good site seeing on both sides of Mumbai Pune Express way and then from Lonawala to Aamby Valley.

We reached Aamby Valley after 4 hours bus journey. At gate of Aamby Valley, there was more than enough security arrangement. After security gate, a security vehicle escorted us to main reception. I have my supreme cottage 329 on twin sharing basis. We had not enough time to enjoy all luxuries there. We have to be ready within 2 hours and board another vehicle to Town Plaza for lunch and then to Convention Hall. They really designed whole city and managed all facilities to all 1200 delegates in a fashion which may not easily be provided.

40th National Convention of Company Secretaries

40th National Convention of Company Secretaries

Now, it is time for gourmet in my tongue, Nature lover in my heart, Networker in my vision, Student in my brain and Professional in my mind. I was 10 minute late in opening plenary and I have to spent much time find an empty seat. There was 4 technical sessions during the convention; economic volatility and risk management, CS- whistle-blower or conscience keeper, financial market – engine for economic growth, challenges and opportunities in SME sector.

I like speeches of Sh. M V Tanksale, Dr. Shubhada Rao, Dr. R Bhaskaran and Sh. S K Agrawal most. I could not comment on speeches of all speakers because I am not a good listener and have to attend calls from family, friends and clients. However, I would like to point out when, I listens speeches of some marketing person and it irritates me. Speech of sms exchange representative is under this category. The international perspective session was very interesting.

There was one self praising session eventually called interactive session. In this session president and past presidents robbed most of valuable time. Self praising and fine tuned political speeches defeated whole purpose of interaction. Many members were not allowed to ask question or share their point of views and other like me simply realised that there was no time left for us. Management decided who should speak or shut up. In my very humble opinion, it was shameful state of affairs for an organisation claiming to be world leader among governance professionals.


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