There are media reports that bomb blasts in Delhi are a bi-annual event thanks to very. All terrorists from Punjab, Kashmir and sometime other places do it with their free will. Blast certainly is a law and order problem, which our successive governments are failed to discuss. Police and Intelligence Agencies are busy elsewhere for their routine yes men exercises. Same time, we should ask, what makes Delhi a soft terror target. In my opinion, this is not a question of law and order but question of attitude of people who make a city.

Delhi public has no interest in security of nation and themselves. It is a usual scene they never honour laws of land. One cannot expect their coöperation for any security check. It is a status symbol to escape a security check here. No one wants queues and even wants to pay to break the queue if this is graft not a legal penalty. They wear helmet or seat belt not for security but for avoiding penalty. In metro stations every well-looking person asks to avoid security checks. Once, when a CISF person told that tomorrow some well-looking a terrorist may want to avoid security check, a well educated middle aged man shouted back, how you called me terrorist, I will see you. Delhi never drives in lane and could not think about any police mobile, fire brigade, ambulance and any support vehicle which might rush to help some victim. Delhi honks only because this facility is available to them not for a prudent purpose. Whenever, Delhi see any criminal they could not report because they are very selfish people and run for their life. Anyone can see, in buses and metro train that Peoples look blankly towards pickpockets until they are potential victims. How a person with no craze to stand before a patty pickpocket, could dare to stand before a terrorist. Delhi think fight against terror is a paid job of security forces and they have to watch this as a reality show on news television.

Delhi police is one of the most harassed police force, who has to do all things but to protect city from all sorts of crimes. They are here to offer few constables to elected criminal who must not be allowed to contest an election. Delhi police is also not trained well to point out potential suspects. At every red light, you can point out someone how are claiming t o be a relative and associate of who’s who of Indian political and bureaucrat. Every police officer in Delhi heard, “you don’t know, who I am?”  This is a wrong attitude from public. No one try to protect that bloody policemen from hand of that so powerful wrongdoer who had just braked some traffic rule or did some other wrong. Secondly same poor chap called police officer will harass a poor taxi drivers, hawkers, beggars, road side prostitutes and any common men. Instead of using these friends to gather some useful information they usually become partner in crimes.

Delhi fails to educate and train its residents and peace – keepers to fight against terrorist. This education is usually a self-education not an institutional mechanism.


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