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Amended Form INC – 22 (W.E.F. 1 May 2015)

Form INC – 22 is required to be filed pursuant to Section 12 (2) & 12 (4) of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 25 and 27 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014.

New version of this form came into force from 1st May 2015 by the Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules 2015. This replaced earlier version of Form INC – 22 discussed earlier here.

The company is required to furnish to the Registrar verification of its registered office in Form INC – 22 within a period of thirty days from the date of its incorporation. The company can also specify the address of registered office at the time of filing incorporation Forms. For this, the applicant shall upload Form INC-22 as linked form to Form INC-7. In case of One Person Company, the particulars of the registered office address can be filed in Form INC-2 only.  Any change in situation of the registered office thereafter, the company is required to notify to Registrar in Form INC-22 within fifteen days of such change.

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Form INC-29 deals with the single application for reservation of name, incorporation of a new company and/or application for allotment of DIN. This Form is accompanied by supporting documents including details of Directors & subscribers, MoA and AoA etc. Once the Form is processed and found complete, company would registered and CIN would be allocated. Also DINs gets issued to the proposed Directors who do not have a valid DIN. Maximum three Directors are allowed for using this integrated form for allotment of DIN while incorporating a company.

Select the type of proposed company under drop-down provided. Producer Company should be selected only in case company complies with the provisions of Part IXA of the Companies Act, 1956. Incorporation of a charitable company under section 8 and company defined under chapter XXI of the Companies Act, 2013 are not facilitated under this integrated incorporation form.

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At the time of writing this blog post, I have no information of publication of the Company (Incorporation) Rules, 2015 which seems to come into effect with effect from 1st May 2015 as Official MCA21 portal has issued all forms prescribed under these forms.

I have no words of advice on enforceability of these rules until copy of publication in official gazette. These Rules come into effect only after publication in official gazette. [Rule 1(1) of the Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules 2015]


In original Rule 5 discussed earlier here, penalty in relation to contravention of these rules by One Person Company or its officer was prescribed. Rule 5 of these rules is being deleted.

But penalty is still there. New Rule 7A is introduced for the purpose. I highlight effect in deletion of rule 5 and introduction of rule 7A here:

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